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Creating equal access to education and opportunities requires a system change approach, pursue in partnership with educators, policymakers, employers, students, and civic leaders. we believe that higher education leaders, stakeholders, and policymakers can meet this moment thoughtfully, see it as an opportunity, and make the most of the changes accelerated by the pandemic to transform our system to be truly sustainable, equitable, and youth-serving.


Rehab Africa is a not-for profit organization base and registered in Liberia. We’re a youth-led and purpose-driven enterprise that empowers, inspires, and transforms lives, at the same time raising awareness for equality and access to better educatiion.


Rehab Africa is a not-for profit social enterprise with a mission to end education inequity. Our work focuses on three areas that, together, we can catalyze the transformation needed to ensure our education system equitably serves Liberia’s diverse youths and builds an environment that encourages and supports innovation and creativity.


At Rehab Africa we’re solving a problem of “Inclusion and Access”. Our Vision is to create and design opportunities that change lives through education. We want a community where everyone has access to better education. While inspiring them to take action in their communities to better the lives of other people around them.

Transforming Liberia through the Power of Youth.

Ending Education Inequity

We believe long-standing gaps in opportunity, achievement, and attainment have roots inside and outside of schools. And though we know these gaps are stubborn, we also know they are not inevitable.

Ending Education Inequity through Research, Advocacy and Capacity Building.

Building a culture of growth with shared values.

Building a system that’s equal, resilient, transparent, innovative, and youth-serving.

Creating a community that we want.

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Our country’s international competitors are improving faster than we are educationally, and many are having greater success in closing achievement gaps—which remain stubbornly wide in Liberia and across Africa. Structural barriers, including an inequitable funding system, impede our progress. In helping to address these problems, Rehab Africa specifically serve youthful students, students from both low and middle income families, youths living in poverty, people with disabilities, and youth living in the rural parts of Liberia that lacks basic access to both formal and informal education.

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