Transforming Youth in Liberia through Mental Health, Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Education

Secondary Schools visited

Local Communities in Liberia Inspired

Youths between the ages of 18-30 transformed.

Building a Community for Young Liberians to Develop and Access Crucial Resources

Reuben Reeves was just another young person in Liberia…

He looked at the resources available to him from school and the government and realized that it just wasn’t enough for him to succeed.

He saw social isolation and a lack of education making kids feel helpless, like they could never reach their dreams and achieve something in life.

So Reuben decided to do something about it. He founded Rehab Africa as a resource for youth in Liberia to help them connect with other dreamers, find learning resources, and get closer to self-empowerment. 

Coming Soon: Rehab Africa Institue for Leadership, Academics, and Vocational Education (RAILAVE)

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