We’re excited to announce the National Skill Development Expo happening on October 23, 2021 at the Paynesville central park in Paynesville City.

The essence of extracurricular skills cannot be overemphasized in our world right now as youth across the country look for different opportunities to explore and become better through their everyday life. Recognizing that not every young person needs to start an organization, become a CEO, or be involved with some organization –  for change to happen it must happen with a person and that’s where skill development comes in.

The purpose of the National Skill Development Expo is to accelerate and amplify extra skill development which is emerging as the biggest and most sought out industry in terms of addressing youth unemployment in Liberia. 

We believe learning new skills is essential to advancing youth in our community career. It diversifies the job options and helps young people develop new techniques to keep up with the world that’s changing through technology every day. 

At this year’s expo, we’re offering unique sessions that will be happening at the same time and every participant can join any session of their choice once they have approved tickets. Extraordinary and experienced Leads will be facilitating the different sessions throughout the day. 

Sessions that will be cover; 

  • Tye and Dye
  • Hair Dressing
  • Makeup
  • Basic Computer Training
  • Graphic Design
  • Wrist Bands
  • Becoming a Changemaker

And, other fun activities around the Park including playing BasketBall and many more!!! Which is an exciting and a great way to connect with peers doing a weekend. Tickets are available at AMEU, Stella Maries Polytechnic University, University of Liberia (Both Fendell and Capitol Hill Campuses), YMCA, Duport Road, and Parker Paint ( Jimmy Kpah Dasaw Kiddies College campus).

For more information on how to become a sponsor, partner, or picking up a ticket at any of our points contact us at hello@rehabafrica.org or call 0778448083/0880654105. You can do your online reservation by clicking right HERE.