Creating transformation through Mental Health, Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Education.

Our Mission is to bring African youth out of social Isolation, discrimination, and poverty through our pillars of Mental Health, Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Education.

Our Vision is a platform where African youths are empowered with skills and opportunities that allow them to solve problems in the world and create a more equal society.

Our founder, Reuben Reeves, started Rehab Africa as a method to educate and empower the next generation of leaders in Liberia. He realized that the resources that existed weren’t enough, and he started to use technology to bring together an organization that could provide these resource to youth in need.

A Four Pillar Approach to Empowerment

1. Mental Health

We understand that the capability of a person and of a community starts with mindset. Social isolation, a lack of opportunities, and poverty have worked together to degrade the mental health of youth all over Liberia. We want to help kids realize their purpose so they can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We want to bring hope, and with it decrease anxiety and depression across Africa.

2. Technology

Technology is known as the great equalizer. It could be that, If everyone knew how to use it. The opportunities opened up by technology are many, so we’re training African youths to use technology so they can take advantage of these opportunities. Eventually, they’ll create opportunities for others with technology.

3. Entrepreneurship

Resourcefulness, service mindset, and creativity are all pillars of successful entrepreneurs. We want to equip youths with these skills so they can create value in their communities to elevate others. Entrepreneurship is also a great way to go about personal development. That’s why it’s a key element that we embed in all of our resources.

4. Education

Knowledge is power, especially in the hands of entrepreneurs. Education represents the final pillar of our approach. We believe that a holistic, engaging education is crucial to empower youth across Liberia. All of our conferences, resources, and experiences are built around educating.

Can you help us implement our Four Pillars to empower Youth in Liberia?

Our Programs

This is how we implement our four pillars to create empowering and educational spaces.


Our last event, the Rehab Africa Changemaker Youth Conference, attracted around 73 Liberian youth with almost no marketing budget. We center all our events around the four pillars and aim to transform every single attendee.

Discussions & Workshops

Along with events, we use discussions to share knowledge with each other, create a space for people to discuss mental health, and introduce youth to influential thought leaders in entrepreneurship.

We do workshops to teach actionable skills to youth, like how to use technology, practices to improve mental health, and how to start a business.

Curriculum and Resources (Under Development)

We’re currently working on a curriculum that covers our pillars for youth going through the Rehab Africa platform. We’re planning on implementing this curriculum in schools throughout Liberia, and hope to spread through Africa.

We’re also going to post resources like job postings, study abroad opportunities, and other useful educational resources on our website.

Past Programs

• The Global Changemakers Youth Conference 2019

• The Global Changemakers Youth Conference 2020

• Youth Empowerment Workshop

• The Mental Health Conversation

• Using Tech to create Change

• Teacher Empowerment Workshop

• Youth Project support initiative


Upcoming Programs

• The National Hackathon Summit

• The Teachers Empowerment program

• Seminars

• Student Empowerment Seminar

• The Global Changemakers Youth Conference 2021

• The Secondary Schools Network of Liberia

• Schedule a Mental Health Counseling session at L2S Mental Health Resource Center

• National Tech Day

• Liberia 25 Under 25

• National Mentorship Program

• Youth with Disabilities Aid Program

• The Inquiry Based Learning Program

Our Impact

The number of people who’ve benefitted from our educational programs and conferences.

Secondary Schools visited

Local Communities in Liberia Inspired

Youths between the ages of 18-30 transformed.

Teens between the ages of 13-19

Indirect Impact

Overall Direct Impact

“Thanks to Rehab Africa for giving us the platform and opportunity to help meet our full potential.”

Precious Lawrence

I appreciate the Rehab Africa family for showing me love and support through my work.

 – Ebenezer Doto Kukai

Thanks to Rehab Africa for the opportunity to interact and learn from my Peers.

– Aishah

I express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to the Rehab Africa family for always giving us the opportunity.

– Nush Leesolee

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