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Our last event, the Rehab Africa Changemaker Youth Conference, attracted around 73 Liberian youth with almost no marketing budget. We center all our events around the four pillars and aim to transform every single attendee.

Discussions & Workshops

Along with events, we use discussions to share knowledge with each other, create a space for people to discuss mental health, and introduce youth to influential thought leaders in entrepreneurship.

We do workshops to teach actionable skills to youth, like how to use technology, practices to improve mental health, and how to start a business.

Call for Nominations

The National Youth Survey is a non-political National Youth Initiative that seeks to end the Liberian Community’s growing problems through recommendations and practical actions, particularly targeted toward government and other institutions serving the Liberian people. Some of these problems have to do with the increase in Poverty, Drug Addiction, Youth Homelessness, Early Marriage, Mental Health Issues, Climate Change, and the dwindling reality of accomplishing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in Liberia.

Call for YouthSpeak Network Lead

Achieving a  path to real change and a better life for every Liberian youth and children, especially the low-income students who make up the majority of Liberia’s youth, requires a systems change approach, pursued in partnership with educators, policymakers, employers, students, and civic leaders.

Our work with this program focuses on three areas that, together, can catalyze the transformation needed to ensure our education system equitably serves Liberia’s diverse youths and builds an environment that encourages and supports innovation and creativity. We need you to help lead this work in your community.

Application is open until August 1!!! 

Gallery From Workshops, conference, seminars plus many more! (Coming Soon).