At Rehab Africa we’re using RESEARCH, ADVOCACY, AND CAPACITY to end education inequity.

Though, there are dwindling challenges in accomplishing the United Nations
Sustainable Development goals due to extremely limited resources Rehab Africa is
working to achieve the goals in local communities then taking it at a National level.
While all of the goals are important, we’re most passionate about goal # 1 (No
Poverty), 4(Quality Education), 10(Reduced Inequalities), and 17 (Partnerships for
the Goals).

Here’s our open approach:

Connect, share ideas and collaborate” with both students and Teachers. Our community brings together leaders from all sizes and demographics across the country.

Deepen your knowledge and stay at the forefront” of the latest research Our
resources combine management and education best practices with lessons learned from our
work with the youth community in Liberia.

Productive dialogue and Events” about social change and equity with the students
experiencing these problems. For instance, teachers can inspire social change in the
classroom by not only discussing issues like school heating and curriculum supply
budgets, but also putting these problems forth as part of a real-world curriculum that
favors student voices, communication, empathy, creativity, and consensus-building.

“Services for Students with disabilities” we support people with disabilities with tools
and resources to create an equal learning environment for all.
“Extra curriculum capacity Building” we offer direct education programs that meet the
challenges people are experiencing.