Achieving a  path to real change and a better life for every Liberian youth and children, especially the low-income students who make up the majority of Liberia’s youth, requires a systems change approach, pursued in partnership with educators, policymakers, employers, students, and civic leaders.

Our work with this program focuses on three areas that, together, can catalyze the transformation needed to ensure our education system equitably serves Liberia’s diverse youths and builds an environment that encourages and supports innovation and creativity. YouthSpeak Network Lead are empowered with the tools to change campus culture focusing on the below priorities.

  • Support Institutions working to become “equity-focused and student-ready” as they design their policies, practices, teaching, decision-making, and resource allocation around a core responsibility to ensure students accomplish their academic goals.
  • We support institutional leaders with the opportunity and capacity to successfully champion equitable completion within and across systems, transforming campus cultures and student experiences.
  •  We partner with innovators, advocates, and policymakers who are working to transform the way we structure and resource secondary and higher education and student access from reimagining higher education’s basic business model and system of finance to improving policy and practice. 
  • We identify and elevate promising, viable solutions that will smooth pathways and simplify access to robust supports, enabling inventors to access unlimited resources to invent and help solve real-world problems.

Benefits as Lead:

  • Competitive compensation
  • Partially or fully funded semester scholarship (renewal)
  • Access tools and resources to create the change and community that you want
  • Access a global network of Youth Leaders
  • Join Rehab Africa core outreach team
  • Access to career mentorship
  • Accessing effective Leadership Traning
  • Professional Development
  • Plus many more that will impact your life directly

Responsibilities as Lead include :

  • Organize small and large size event on and off-campus
  • Create a space for Dialogue in changing campus policy
  • Work closely with Rehab Africa program to the development team to implement nationwide initiative
  • Create a safe space for students on campus
  • Organize Fundraisers
  • Amplify Rehab Africa Mission and Vision.

All Responsibilities will be disclose once you make it to the final stage of the application process doing our offering to you.


  1. Enrolled University Student
  2. Between the ages of 16-26
  3. A proven record of Influence
  4. Organizing students to accomplishing a specific goal
  5. Must align and amplify Rehab Africa Mission and Vision

Sound Like You? Okay, Apply using this link!!