Rehab Africa Incorporated


For Immediate Release

Monrovia, September 28, 2021–Rehab Africa (now “Rehab Africa Incorporated”) is pleased to announce its return to full operations with changes in leadership and our board of Directors. We return with a mission to end education inequity through Research, Advocacy, and Capacity Building.

This comes as we officially plan to reopen all doors to opportunities and unique programs to transform the lives of millions where possible. Established in 2016, Rehab Africa was build to create options that youths can choose from in bettering their lives and building an education system that’s equal, resilient, transparent, innovative, and youth-serving.  We believe in the importance of diversity to better understand each others’ stories, experiences, voices, and needs. As we live through life-changing experiences after life-changing experiences, the value of diversity becomes obvious in this work’s impact on us and the community. Everyone that we’ve met throughout various projects, programs, and initiatives has helped us become a better institution by allowing us to understand the complex cultures of others and our return to normal is to amplify and accelerate these beliefs and better serve our community.  

The challenge of ensuring educational equity is formidable. Our country’s international competitors are improving faster than we are educationally, and many are having greater success in closing achievement gaps—which remain stubbornly wide in Liberia and across Africa. Structural barriers, including an inequitable funding system, impede our progress. We believe long-standing gaps in opportunity, achievement, and attainment have roots inside and outside of schools. And though we know these gaps are stubborn, we also know they are not inevitable.

We remain non-political, non-religious, and in this work, we see no competitor and once it’s for and about the good of our community, we’re here rooting and willing to work with you as we return for good. 

Keep your eye on our website and social media platforms for our latest opportunities, and partnerships, and how you can get involved!!!

“Manage through trust, not control. Build constellations, not star”

Thank You!